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Friday, October 19, 2012

Declarations of a Political Science Senior

It's senior year: I have to remind myself of this everyday, and everyday it feels more unreal. I refuse to believe that I am entering my last year of my undergraduate degree. I refuse to believe that it has been three years already since I first set foot on this campus. I refuse to believe that in just seven months, I will be walking across the stage at the Bank of Kentucky Center, receiving my Bachelor's of Arts degree in Political Science and International Studies.
I know what you're thinking: I am in denial. I wouldn't necessarily say you're wrong about this. I very well may be in denial. But there are some aspects that I cannot deny.
I can't deny that NKU, and more specifically the Political Science Department, is my second home. I have built a strong rapport not only with my fellow students, by with the faculty and staff of the Department. I've essentially lived on the 4th floor of Founder's Hall for the past three years. It is on the fourth floor that the magic happens, the treasure trove which hosts the faculty offices. It is on the fourth floor that I get to enjoy 8am coffee meetings with one of my favorite professors. It is on the fourth floor that I ask questions when I am confused, not only about material is class, but about life in general. The faculty members are always warm and inviting, and truly want you to succeed.
This leads to my second declaration: I cannot deny that the Political Science department has provided me with unique opportunities. Just this past weekend, I traveled to Ada, Ohio with a couple of other students and a faculty member to the Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists 72nd Annual Conference, where I participated in the Undergraduate paper competition. If my professor hadn't brought this conference to my attention, I would not have known about it. Amazingly, and somewhat surprising to me, I won 2nd place, which I am very excited about! This year, I am working on a research project in the department about homelessness and civic engagement, which I will then present at a conference in the Spring. It's been such an interesting process...
My final declaration: I cannot deny that I will miss being an active part of this community. It is here that I have discovered my passions for civic engagement, politics, and culture, passions that I hope to transform into a viable career. It's difficult to say where I may end up, but I am sure that no matter what path I choose to take, whether that be law school or international service, the faculty of the Political Science Department will be cheering me on and steering my success. 

Yep, that's me on the right, in Frankfort!
by Jena' Bradley

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